Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Addition!

This just in!

The illustrious, synergistic, biggest rock star to ever hit Chinese soil, virtuosic pianist/singer/composer Natti Vogel will be opening up Friday, 12/17, @ 6pm. My cello and I will be joining him for some tunes. Here is his website:

You would be crazy to miss him. His performances in NYC are often exclusive and few and far between, Chinese super star that he is...

Take Note!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Festival Schedule

The Friday Night Super Coda is a weekly experimental cabaret curated by Valerie Kuehne ( and hosted by Cafe Orwell (247 Varet St., Brooklyn, NY 11206). Every Friday evening unexpected genres collide, and lucky audiences are exposed to the very newest of new musical ensembles and experiments.

We are therefore pleased to present the first annual Super Coda Festival. Over the course of four transfigured nights (December 16-19th), we will feature the most theatrical and experimental of performers to grace our stage thus far, with new faces interspersed. While celebrating Brooklyn musicians first and foremost, there will also be performances by out of town and touring musicians vying to throw you geographical curve-balls. Additionally, there will be installations by a performance artist on 12/16 (Oliver Warden, Untitled Box) and projection artist. So without any further ado...'s who plays and listen (or don't listen). Perhaps you've heard them before, and you already know they're playing here. In which case you don't need to be reading this. I agree, you shouldn't be reading this. If it was my world you would all come one come all to the festival not knowing anything about anyone and happy to be here. It'd be a gigantic surprise for you. So listen, I say listen when it's time to hear. (Here's also the times, and they are set, but come and you'll forget about the times):

Thursday, 12/16:

6:30: Adrienne Anemone w/ Valerie Kuehne (Experimental Folk, Brooklyn)-

7:30: We Are the Financial Crisis (Highly Orchestrated Modern Jazz + Noise, Brooklyn) -
Dustin Carlson (guitar) -

Max Goldman (drums) -
Will McEvoy (bass)

8:30: Mara Rosenbloom Quartet (Ecstatic Conversational Jazz Compositions, Brooklyn) -

9:30: Richard Lainhart (Analog Synthesizer Improvisations + Soundscapes, NYC)-

10:30: Jonathan Goldberger + Areni Agbabian (New Sounds w/Guitar + Vocals, Brooklyn)-

Friday, 12/17:

6:00: Natti Vogel (virtuoso songwriter extraordinaire)

7:00: Caleb Herron (Solo Percussion, Atlanta)

8:00: Carlo Costa and Yukari (New Music Compositions for Drums and Flute, Brooklyn)-

9:00: Anastasoff's Obscure Directions (Graphic Scores Inspired by Maps, Brooklyn) -

Jason Anastasoff (Bass, compositions)
Sean Ali (bass)
Jacob Wick (trumpet)
Nathanial Morgan (sax)
Brad Henkel (trumpet)
Owen Stuart Robinson (guitar).

10:00: Extreme Fishkin (Manic and Practically Psychotic Free Jazz Songs, Philadelphia) -

11:00: Improv Orchestra (Self Explanatory, Brooklyn, NYC)

Robert Pepper (violin through effects)
Amber Brien (electric bass through effects)
Michael Durek (theremin)Valerie Kuehne (cello)
David Grollman (percussion)
Dan Peck (Tuba)
Sean Ali (bass)
Valerie Kuehne (cello)

More TBA

Saturday, 12/18:

5:00: Ben Simon (Instrument Maker/Folk Singer, Brooklyn) -

6:00: Matt Cross (Super Singer/Songwriter, Brooklyn) -

7:00: Brad Henkel + Nathaniel Morgan (Amplified Horn Duo/Sound Sculpting, Brooklyn) -

8:00: Clutter (Cascading Wall of Electro-Acoustic Improvisation, Brooklyn, NYC) -

9:00: Bird Fly Yellow (Jump Swing Band Disguised as Free Jazz, Philadelphia) -

10:00: Feeler Gauge (a side project of Shot x Shot, Philadelphia) -

11:00: Adam Caine Trio (Mercurial and Invigorated Out Jazz, Brooklyn) -

Sunday, 12/19:

5:00: The Curious Shape of Hens (Joyously Demented New Orleans Jazz, Brooklyn) -

6:00: Koto Trio (Improvised Music w/Japanese Harp, Brooklyn, Queens):
Sean Ali (bass)
Carlo Costa (drums) -
Akiko Sasaki (koto) -

7:00: Spiff Wiegand (One Man Band Extraordinaire, Brooklyn) -

8:00: Nick Lyons Trio (Screamo Alto Sax, Etc., Brooklyn, NYC) -

9:00: Isaac Jaffe Quintet (Sublime Modern Jazz + Cacophony, Brooklyn, NYC) -

10:00: Jaggery (Mystical and Intricate Art Songs, Boston) -